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May 23, 2008
I am currently a sophmore in high school and am planning to apply to the air force and naval academies next year, but have a few questions about possible allergy DQ's.

Some background: I have had seasonal allergies since I was six and have been taking zyrtec and nasonex, which controlled them. Then in 8th grade I developed oral allergy syndrome (allergic to raw apples, carrots, cherries). These were not severe reactions, just an itchy mouth after eating these foods. After I was tested for these allergies, I started allergy shots.

Now fast forward to the present. The allergy shots greatly reduced all of my allergies and the need for my medication (I don't need it at all now :biggrin:) and I am no longer allergic to any foods. Will my history of food allergies, even though I don't have them anymore, be a problem? Also, should I discontinue the allergy shots to prevent an "immunotherapy within 12 months" DQ?. Thanks!
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Falcongirl = To provide you a more accurate response, it would be in your best interests to pdf ( or fax (719-333-3578) me a "copy" of all your allergy records from day one to present. Print this response (Larry Mullen) and use this as the cover sheet if you fax (just handwrite how many pages will be included in the fax.) To provide you a response just based on what you say here would be inappropriate and not totally accurate. Standing by....Thx:)
I don't have a copy of my records at home, so it might take a few days to get them from the allergy office. Thank you for the quick reply!