No NROTC Marine Option Scholarship for me

Discussion in 'Service Academy Preparatory Schools' started by gabetrini, Mar 12, 2017.

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    Mar 5, 2017
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    Just found out, unofficially, that I did not receive the 4 year NROTC Marine Option Scholarship I applied for. The local Marine Recruiter is now trying to contact me about enlisting lol(which I definitely don't want to do). I'll most likely try to find out more information about the PLC Program so I can apply for that around Sophomore or Junior year of college. I most likely won't be pursuing anything with the NROTC program into college. So yeah, thank you to everyone that gave me insight about any inquiries I had, it was greatly appreciated. I have no hard feelings at all to anyone or anything, just determination to commission in the United States Marine Corps.
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