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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by beat navy, Jun 23, 2010.

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    I'm not sure whether Senators from other states use similar applications or not, but both NJ Senators use the same identical application and essays.

    Before I ask my question, it's important to know that I'm an international rifle shooter and I shoot for Puerto Rico in major events such as the World Cup, Pan American Games, World Championships this summer :)eek:), Junior Olympics, and I'll have to work for it, but they want me to shoot in the London 2012 Summer Olympic games. Most important to me is that I'm trying my best to be recruited for Army's NCAA team. This year I won the West Point Open, which caught the Coach's attention because I beat some of his cadets :biggrin:

    My question: how can/should I approach this on my application? This obviously is not a listed sport, nor is it in any way connected to school. It also affects my USMA app, because to be at the world level in shooting requires a huge devotion of time all year round. I spend weeks out of the country for competitions and training during the school year. I can't hold a steady job or participate in school athletics. When I apply for nominations, I will basically be handing in a blank app as far as extracurriculars go. The Army Rifle coach told me I shouldn't worry about extracurriculars or noms since I will most likely be recruited, but I really do not want to take anything for granted. How should I address this on my nom apps? I was thinking of attaching a resume, but any and all input for either nom or USMA app would be greatly appreciated.
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    There should be a box for you to add 'additional activities'. Document it there. You can also attach supplemental information and mail or fax it in to admissions.
    Definitely submit all information including the possibility of the 2012 Olympic Games.

    BTW - you won't be the first West Point Cadet to compete in the Olympics. West Point will accomadate you in reaching this goal.

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