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Aug 4, 2008
i just got a letter in the mail today saying i got my 3rd nom. to the same academy. meanwhile, i received an LOA to West Point which required a nom. and medical qual. for "cadetship". i got the medical qual. part done, but i'm out of nom. resources unless somehow i get a vice president, which i believe not too many people actually get.

i sent a letter with a copy of the LOA to each MOC requesting that i also be seriously considered for a nom. to West Point as well, but i've only received noms to a different academy. i would seriously consider going to West Point, because i have a "reservation" there, and the other academy to which i received three noms, i am still waiting to see if i am even academically qualified. i don't want to seem like a prick or a pesky kid to my MOC's, but West Point really seems like a good option right now. does anyone have any good advice?
Lots of thoughts here - To confirm that I understand, you have 3 noms to one SA for which you do not have an LOA & zero noms to USMA, where you have an LOA, right? Which SA is your preference? If the SA with 3 noms is your preference, then you are in a pretty good spot to - no guarantee but sitting well with good odds. If, however, West Point is now your 1st choice, why? If WP is your 1st choice, you have nothing to lose by calling your Regional rep at WP directly. You need to make it clear that you are absolutely interested in WP, you have an LOA to WP but that somehow you did not secure a nom for WP but have 3 to USxA and most importantly that if you were to obtain an appointment to WP you would absolutely accept it as it is your top choice (don't say it if you don't mean it). You're still going to be in the waiting game - sup (and VP) noms don't typically get done until after MOC noms so you'll be waiting. You can also call the other SA and talk to your admissions rep - maybe update your file ... 3 noms to on SA gives the SA lots of options - again no guarantee but pretty good, particularly if your stats (grades/test/ECs) are decent.

From reading your post, it sounds like you now see WP as 1st choice, perhaps because they have shown interest in you (via LOA). I suggest you do some research into each SA and be sure you know in your heart of hearts which is your first choice. See this prior thread - it is not exactly on point, but gives some info on this.

In this prior thread I expressed the importance of figuring out which SA is the fit. In your case you need to figure out if either of the two SAs in question is not a fit for you. Find out now, not later, that you can't see yourself on a ship in the middle of the oceans for x months or find out now that you can't envision yourself in the Army. Just because a SA gave you an LOA does not mean they are the SA for you. Research both SAs and, more importantly, branch of the military. Regardless of where you go, you'll owe real time when you're done so make sure it is something you can see yourself doing - maybe even for a full 20.

How are you going to feel if you contact WP and tell them you want it soooo badly and they are #1 etc... they give you a sup nom and you turn in your acceptance and a week later SA#2 sends you an appointment? Waiting is very difficult but the time waiting can be well used to complete some real soul searching and identify who you are and where you want to be next year or even in five or ten years.

You mentioned that you asked your MOCs to also give you a nom to WP - that is a good step but often not possible. See this thread on the cc forum - it is not exactly on point but my post #3 explains why the MOC may not be able to give you another nom.
I am in a similar situation. I split my noms and ended up triple q'd with a nomination for USNA but no nomination for USAFA, yet I have been informed by air force admissions and my ALO that my whole person score is very high and I am (ppq'd) potential pilot qualified. Apparently the only reason I did not receive an LOA was that my app was reviewed in December. Admissions is aware of my desire to attend Air Force and "looking at some options" for me. At this point not even in the national pool. Hoping for a miracle!
air force is my first preference, and the academy that i received the three noms. i'd like to get into a space/weather field, which is one of the main reasons why i chose USAFA. West Point is an excellent option because if i couldn't get into a space/weather field, i'd probably go into an aerospace engineering field or other engineering field, which i believe West Point offers. they also have one of the top if not the best engineering program in the country and one of the elite in the world. being an astronaut wouldn't be a bad option either. i'd go to either one in a heartbeat. it'd be a great honor.