nomination dinner


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Nov 18, 2007
i dont know if this is just with my district (49-california), but sometime after the nominations are given out the congressman holds a dinner. i got my nom a month and a half ago and haven't received notification. maybe only the appointed nominees get invited to the dinner, which explains the delay. does anyone know the answer to this? because i certainly dont want to come across rude and inconsiderate to my congressman (Issa) who nominated me.
Every MOC does it differently. Some do a nomination dinner, others do an appointment dinner. If it's an appointment dinner I would not expect it to take place until April/May time frame. Also, when Congress is in session may have an impact too. Since you're in CA it may be tough for a MOC to get here for a weekend dinner since they typically are in DC most of the time.... And, nothing says it has to be a dinner either. I have heard of weekday breakfasts, Sunday Brunches, dinners ...... whatever the MOC wants to do.
okay, thanks for that info. i just wish i could find that in Issa's website. Also, do the congressman post who they nominated on the website? and, if so, when? one more thing, what does MOC stand for? i'm assuming it just means congressman...