Nomination given, but medical waiver just denied

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Lauren, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Dec 2, 2011
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    When I was a Sophomore, the private school I was attending closed down mid year. Since they were not yet accredited, I lost all of my credits for freshman and sophomore years.

    I entered the public school system and was told by my counselor that I had to repeat these 2 years. I chose instead to go to a charter school (self paced) and made up (or tested out of) the 14 credits in a a semester and a half, and entered public school in the spring of last year with my junior class, on time and schedule to graduate with my class.

    I worked from 7am until after 5pm 5 days a week to catch up on my credits, and exercised for 3 hours a day in kickboxing and Kung Fu classes.

    This was extremely stressful and my physician put me on anti-anxiety medication.

    When I completed my application for the medical exam with Dodmerb, I did not lie, I answered truthfully, that I had been on this medication and for what reason.

    This past Monday, I recieved a nomination from my Senator for the Merchant Marine Academy. Today (Friday), I learned that my medical waiver was denied due to "History of Anxiety Disorder".

    Am I denied serving my country permanently? Can I take ROTC in college and stay of the medication for a couple of years and reapply?

    Is there anything I can do to appeal - get evaluated by a psychologist or psychiatrist?

    Has anyone been in a similar situation?
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    Though I am not certain how the waiver process works, your BG officer and/or regional commander might be another good source to ask. Maybe if your physician can indicate the disorder is no longer a problem, you could reapply for a waiver? Best of luck.
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    Lauren --

    While I do not usually get involved in non-Concorde affairs, you may be better served e-mailing Larry Mullen @ DoDMERB for assistance. He may very well tell you to be patient, wait it out, etc, but at least you'll know from the horse's mouth.

    His e-mail is Be sure to include your full name, the last 4 of your SSN, and the posting above in your e-mail. You may tell him Joe from Concorde told you to e-mail him. He is very knowledgeable and helpful and hopefully can provide the correct course of action.


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