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    Hello I just did my nomination interview I'm in the fifth district of Colorado and I did it for Congressman Doug Lamborn. I know that each MOC's interviews differ but I just want to give some advice based off of my interview as far as questions go and what to possibly expect.
    To start off my panel asked me just brief questions about my choices like which was my first and would I be willing to go to another school etc. then came the real questions

    1. Describe an adverse situation you've been through, how overcame it, what you learned.
    2. Why the service academy?
    3. how familiar are you with military culture
    4.Do you know what occupation you want to do in the military?
    5. What is the core of who you are (probably the hardest question I was asked in my life!)
    6. What do you think about Isis and what should the U.S do about it
    7. What do you think is the military's purpose and why is it important.
    8. What is the honor code and explain what it means to you.
    9. What can you bring to the military as far as qualities?
    There are a few more but i can't think off the top of my head. They also asked me questions about my sports, clubs, and some of my grades on my transcript.
    they gave me the last minute out of my twenty minute interview to say any final thing i think they should know about me or clarify things
    A lot of the little questions they ask in between will be based off of your responses to a previous question
    I believe that the main thing they want to hear about are EXAMPLES EXAMPLES EXAMPLES. let me repeat... EXAMPLES! If you give a bland answer they will ask you to elaborate and give more specifics and details. They aren't necessarily looking for a flat out answer they want to know how it affects YOUR life, how YOU feel, what YOU'VE done, and how YOU'VE done it. They may not ask these same exact questions (but I'm assuming it will be ones similar) but the key is examples. Tell them how you've grown or what you've learned. Expect some curve ball questions. The most off putting was "What do you think we should do about ISIS?" I guess it was challenging because I wasn't sure how to state my answer without sounding clueless, insensitive or saying something that isn't particularly true. Know about current events! Anyway really think about these things. Don't memorize answers in your head because they will catch that and ask you to explain more. Always use yes sir, yes ma'am. I personally had a panel with 3 men ( 2 army, 1 airforce) Introduce yourself to each and everyone and don't sit till they say you can.

    As far as portfolios and folders go, i would advise bringing one just in case. I didn't bring one and turns out my ACT scores weren't updated like I thought and I'm not sure they were fully aware about my LOA. Luckily they asked me briefly about my scores and i was able to clarify, so if you don't bring a folder or whatever just try and find a way to weave it in one of your answers (i.e BAD ="Why should we choose you?" "Because I have an LOA." but instead "I am passionate, hardworking, and willing to face any challenges. When I was awarded my LOA from USMA not too long, it really solidified in my mind that I could do whatever I put my mind too. " (or something of that nature that is humbling)

    -Don't be nervous (you're probably going to be nervous anyway, that's okay!). Take your time to answer the questions. They interviewers are people just like you and they know you are a young person that probably doesn't always say the right thing or answer perfectly but they want to see your heart and that you are actually dedicated and believe in what you're doing and not that you just want a free education. Be confident in what you say and try not to say "umm " "so yeah" (this is one of my worst habits haha)

    This is just from my experiences and it might be different but just in case, prepare yourself but don't kill yourself. Let your answers be natural but well spoken. End of my unorganized rant!
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