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    Hello everyone. I have an interview scheduled for the service academy nomination with my representative in December. I am not sure what to expect to see when I get there. If there is anyone who had an interview with a representative, I would like to hear how you interview went and what I could to do to represent myself best.
    Thank you for your time!
    - Paul
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    My MOC had a board of officers interview the candidates. It was a bit intimidating. Just make sure to be confident in yourself. Practice with a mock interview. You'll get better after practicing. Don't give canned responses, know what you want to say, give it some thought. Good Luck to you.
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    Take a deep breath and relax. They want to know about you. They are very interested in you and the desire to take this long road to a great education and career. They probably will ask why you want to attend a SA. (Probably the most difficult question). They may ask what have you done to prepare yourself. Or why should we choose you.

    Remember back, way back, when you first decided, "Air Force, Yes, Air Force"?
    Exploit that moment and build upon it. This is your unique story unlike any other. You must remember, the board has heard all day long, from others, they want to serve their country. But you are different, and you need to present yourself as such.

    Practice. Practice in front of the mirror, dressed in you suit, tie and polished shoes. No one will laugh at you, because its just you and the man in the mirror. Then ask someone to throw question at you. Then review your answers. Ask some adults you know who can provide a mock interview.

    This can all be practiced to gain confidence in yourself and being able to sell who you are to the board.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    To be your best, just be yourself. Express your desire to go. Don't rush answers to questions or you'll stammer and then your nervousness will really show. Take things slow and take your time answering questions. It's completely normal in conversation to take a few moments to think things over. :thumb: You've got this.

    To answer your question, my nomination interviews have always had at least one Air Force officer on the board and sometimes multiple. (Like 3 or 4) My ALO was on one of my MOC's boards before. That was actually pretty cool. :biggrin:

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