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    I recently completed my last interview with one of my state's senators. Now that this part of the application is completed for me I figured I'd start a thread about everyone's experiences during their interviews.

    Personally mine were great! I enjoyed every minute of all three of them. That might seem odd, but I looked at each question as a challenge from each individual. I went into each interview thinking not that I wanted to tell them anything about me, but that I wanted to show them who I piece of advice I ever got.

    So generally the kinds of questions asked have been discussed on this forum. "Why do you want to go to ..." "Why would you make a good officer in the ..." Those general questions are always asked, but I don't think they cared TOO much about those answers because I always found that the questions more personal to my application were the ones that intrigued them. My interviews became conversations about me and my life experiences and I thought that was great.

    As for "curveball" questions, don't be fooled, they do come up. That said they are NOT trying to trip you up necessarily. They want to see how you react to tough questions/situations. For example I was asked questions like: "You are a lieutenant on a base. A female enlisted comes to you as here commanding officer and tells you that two female enlisted are sitting in the same bunk. How do you handle the situation?" I also got the question "You are a naval aviator in you F-18 on an attack mission in Pakistan. Upon arriving at you target you notice civilians near your target area. What do you do?" Those kind of questions. I had to smirk when both were being asked (by the same man mind you) and I think my answers were very good and legitimate.

    Anyone else feel free to discuss your interview experiences:thumb:

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