Nomination Letters of Recommendation... Two Authors?

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    DS is reeling in final choices for Congressional Nomination Recommendation Letters. He is wavering on his third choice, which would be from his tennis coach of nine years, due to the fact that tennis coach's (Aka #1) organizational and writing skills are not as sharp as they could be. DS was able to read a letter of rec he had written for him for a travel program application, and, although it had heart and demonstrated how DS has grown throughout the years, it was short, with grammatical errors and just barely made the deadline.

    Under same tennis team organization is a second coach (the assistant, AKA #2). This particular coach started with DS back when he was eight, has watched him grow, has seen his determination and.... is a GREAT writer.

    Here is the dilemma: Coach #1 has spent more time with DS during his high school years, has hired him for summer camp coaching jobs and is a big fan of DS... even came to DS and told him he would be proud to write any LOR needed for the academies. Coach #2 has not physically coached DS since the 8th grade. Although he has kept in sporadic contact, he has not been right there to experience DS' coaching abilities as he has grown in the sport. BUT he is the one DS always felt was his mentor for the sport, and he was the one that DS always felt had a really good sense of what made him tick.

    Is there such a thing as co-authorship of these Letters of Recommedation? The coaches come from the same organization. Can they collaborate their efforts and sign both names?????
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    Draft it

    No problem in 2 signatures.

    When I write letters of Recommendation I always ask the person to draft me a letter. I then change to my thoughts. This does a couple things, gives me a sense of what the person wants in the letter and hopefully helps me avoid duplication with other letters. Some wont want to use your draft, but many will make only minor changes.

    A thought. Draft a short letter from the assistant coach, signed by him. then have an endorsement with a sentance or 2 from the coach signed below. Keep it to 1 page.

    Johny is my #1 of 30 kids in our program...
    signed Assiantant Coach

    Johny was my first choice to lead the summer soccer camp. Phenominal athlete and leader, I recommend Johny above all others for an appointment to USAFA.
    Signed Coach

    I dont think this is cheating as long as its short and to the point.

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