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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by Vista123, Nov 7, 2011.

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    our district MOC required applications to be turned in 11/1.
    he announced the number of application packets for each academy-as follows:

    USAFA (2 slots available) 4 candidates placed ASAFA is their top choice.

    USMA (1 slot available) 8 candidates placed USMA is their top choice.

    USNA (1 slot available) 22 candidates placed USNA is their top choice.

    Here are my questions (if anyone can hypothesize) :

    Since there are two slots available do all 4 USAFA candidates automatically get nominated?

    Since there are only 8 USMA candidates will all automatically get nominated?

    If a candidate wanted a USMA and a USNA nomination and put USMA as #1 and USNA as #2 would they be automatically bumped off from getting the USNA nomination because they have 22 USNA applicants and this was this candidates second choice anyhow?
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    There is no way of knowing who will get the nominations. Some candidates might not meet the selection committee's requirements, so maybe 3 of the 4 will get nominations to the USAFA. You might ask someone at the MOC's office your question about being bumped from the USNA list for not selecting it as first choice. Some MOCs will give nominations to more than one academy and some won't.

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