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    I know this topic is becoming very familiar to most especially recently but I was just wondering if any one could answer my questions because all the other posts about this topic aren't exactly the same case as mine. Anyways though, the story is that exactly a week ago my Senator called me and told me that I had gotten her nomination for the Naval Academy and I was extremely excited because this has been my dream since I was a very young kid. However, her nomination slate is competitive so I have to beat out the other nine on the nomination slate WCS wise to be charged to her slot at the academy and receive my appointment letter. I have no clue how competitive the other nine from my state are. So my first question is does the fact that the nomination has shown up on my CIS a week later this morning actually mean that I have already beat out the other nine for the slot or does the academy just put that up on the CIS if you got on the nomination slate. Also, do you think that a triple qualification would be enough to beat out the rest of the people on the slate WCS wise. There may be a person with an LOA or there may not be I have no clue but the way I have heard not in every case is an LOA better than a 3Q because one's LOA may mean they are not 3Q and in that case does that mean they would give someone like me the slot that is already 3Q or does it mean they wait for the LOA recipient to get 3Q then charge them to the slot.
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    To answer some of your questions:

    The nomination showing on your CIS does not mean you beat out the other 9 candidates. It simply means you have been nominated.
    Being triple qualified also won't be enough to beat out the rest of the candidates with the nominations. It does help but it really doesn't mean anything since it is a competitive slate. What happens now is that you go into the national pool of candidates who have nominations and they rank you according to a score the admissions board gives you and from there they send out appointments based on that list. Those candidates who are not 3Q will be towards the bottom of the list.

    I read someone else's post on another thread that an estimate of people who are 3Q and have a nomination that then receive an appointment is roughly 75% which I consider a fairly good shot.

    Additionally, people who have LOAs are usually 3Q. I'm not sure if you know this but you don't necessarily have to "beat out" the other candidates on the slate. More than one person may be appointed and if they all accept, one will be charged to the Senator but the rest will be charged as qualified alternates.
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