Nomination Question


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Dec 7, 2017
I understand you only need one nomination; however, if you received the presidential, vice presidential and 3 congressional nominations, how does that impact others trying for congressional nominations? I guess I am asking should I decline the later nominations or is there a process in place that allows for the alternates to receive a nomination once my appointment has been confirmed?
You should apply to all nominating sources where you qualify. Do not concern yourself with "taking someone else's nomination" or any thinking along those lines.

If you were to receive a Prez, and 3 MOC nominations you would not be considered for VP. The VP nominations are typically granted to highly qualified candidates who do not have a nom.

The more competitive the area, the more likely the MOCs share information so there is only one nom per candidate.

In our state, no one received a nom from both senators, but many received a second nom from their representative. In other states, all worked together and no one receieved more than one nom out of the 3 possible. And I recently heard some areas are so competitive that candidates must accept or decline their nom.

Remember, if you only receive ONE nomination, it is true that is all you need to get an appointment (and there are MANY cadets who only had one nom), but that does NOT mean you are guaranteed an appointment. One nom may make you one out of ten on a competitive MOC slate. If you do not "win" the slate, you may not get an appointment. The more noms you have, the better your chances of an appointment.
Here's an older post on this topic of why you want as many noms as you can get...

You want as many nominations as possible. Each nomination is actually a SLATE of 10 names. So it's not just that you got a nomination, you got on a nomination LIST. The thing is, they only take 1 name from each list for congressmen/senators and give an appointment. I.e. Your nomination with your congressman is on a list with 9 other people. The academy is only going to give 1 appointment based on that list. The more lists you are on, the more chances you have for an appointment.

If you don't receive an appointment from all the lists that you're on, you still have one more chance. On these nomination lists that are available, with 1 appointment each, (For congressional lists; 100 appointments for the presidential list); only makes up about half of all appointments. (500-600 appointments) Then, all the individuals on these lists who didn't receive one of the appointments for being on the list, are all compiled together into one more giant list. The academy then will choose the remaining 500-600 +/- appointments from the giant list. (National pool).

So get as many nominations as you can. It's like a lottery ticket. The more tickets you have; the more chances you have to win.
Thank you. I had a complete misunderstanding of the process. Will keep all nominations I receive.