Nomination Question

SA Hopeful

Oct 7, 2017
I received two nominations (presidential and congressional) in December 2017 and was sent a 3Q letter a few days ago. I understand that I am competing against other candidates on the waiting list. However, I was also told by a friend that I will be competing in an additional pool of candidates because I received two nominations. Is this true? Finally, does anybody know how many candidates receive a 3Q letter? I am trying to roughly estimate my chances of receiving an appointment.

Thank you.
You are not really competing in a different pool but multiple noms gives the SAs a lot of flexibility to get the incoming class the way they want it.

Hypothetical ex: you may have been higher ranked on MOC slate vs another candidate but SA may offer him/her 'your' slot since they can use the Presidential nomination to offer you. That way they get 2 candidates they want instead of having to limit by available MOC slots.

There is only one pool of candidates; SAs just need to shuffle available noms to get the class profile they like best.

As for 3Q+nom odds very very rough math says 30% - 50% odds of an appointment now given total available noms adjusted for DoDMERB/CFA and other DQs plus eventual waiting list turnover / declined appointments etc. Still very competitive but you are in a good spot.