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    I'm easily frustrated. I want to better understand the often perplexing nom process. I'm sure I'll be enlightened (I'm Not Too Sharp after all).
    If MOCS choose to not duplicate noms…how often does this happen:
    Jonny & Billy are squared away in every category, 3Q, very competitive candidates & each completes their file very early.
    Senator A decides to nom Jonny & Billy (within non-rated list of 10, no principal determined by Senator A).
    Senator B removes Jonny & Billy (and all of Senator A noms) from his candidate consideration list.
    Congressman Z removes Jonny & Billy (and all local applications that already received noms from A & B).
    Jonny & Billys buddy Mcgruber, although 3Q, is TRULY not as highly qualified as Jonny & Billy, BUT Mcgruber gets the BFE because it plays out that he was the highest on that slate.
    Jonny & Billy = TWE ala NWL
    I apologize if I missed something along the way.
    Got to be a better way, no?

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