Nomination role in acceptance consideration


Nov 5, 2017
If a candidate has a great application but might be right on point the edge of comparability to others, does a nomination received in advance of the application review have any bearing on the admission decision? I know I have read that it could be positive if the MOC committes know about a LOA / academic qualification...... just wondering if the opposite is possible?
In most instances (I say most because of the occasional LOA), an application is not even reviewed by the board for admission unless there is a nomination on file. Therefore, having a nomination does not have any 'benefit' - other than the huge fact that it puts your application in line for review and allows the Academy to consider you for admission!
Thank you. Our DS was encouraged to apply early (which he did), and I just assumed that his application would be reviewed earlier regardless of possibly receiving a nomination. He has a MOC interview in 3 weeks, so if he is fortunate enough to get a nomination, then it sounds like he would get in line for academic consideration. Thanks again!
Not true. The admissions board reviews the application and makes a decision on qualification. The nominations/appointment (can’t remebee their official name) part of admissions then does the slating based upon those who have been deemed qualified by the admissions board. Even if someone does not receive a Nom from their MOCs there are other Nom possibilities such as VP or Supt’s. They are rare, but someone gets them each year. Also remember the National Pool is another way a candidate can be qualified and receive a Sec Nav nomination to receive an appointment. Two separate groups. Admissions will review without a Nom. Most of the candidates that are being reviewed right now don’t have Noms. TN traditionally doesn’t do their Noms until January. Plenty of candidates will have Brent reviewed already by the board, but just waiting on a Nom.
Your initial comment makes me think - how would the academy know to offer a LOA if they have not reviewed an application first?