Nomination source...


Jun 2, 2017
If a nomination source is listed, does that simply mean that the candidate was listed on the MOC's slate? Or does it mean that they were selected from the slate? There is no indication of how the nomination was submitted (direct, ranked, competitive, etc). Is there any way of knowing?

I'm guessing it just means the candidate was listed since I've heard that others have multiple sources listed.

A step in the right direction either way! DD is waiting patiently for a BFE!
@USNA4MyDD22, I know this does not answer your entire inquiry, but DD’s letter from state senator from nomination notification noted competitive slate.
My DS received a nom from congressman. We later learned that 10 were granted, but a principal nom was named, and it wasn’t my DS. Any nominations earned will be listed in your portal.
All it will say in your portal is if you received a Nom and who it is from. For further details a MOC would have to tell you that. Some will and others won’t. Some are very open with how they submit slates and some won’t.