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    Sep 11, 2012
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    So I just received my nomination for USAFA from my senator. They however did not say if I was the principle or whatever...My application is complete,
    1400 SAT, 740 cr 660 math, math will be near 700 after nov SAT
    Did well on CFA
    USMA,USNA, USAFA qualified by DODMERB
    Now what? Should I just wait patiently until March? I cannot ask for another nomination to USAFA so I will try next weekend for USNA. Do I have a reasonable shot at getting to USAFA? What can I do to improve my file? Thanks a bunch. Sorry for the awkward first real post.
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    Two words relax and suffer. Relax that you have everything submitted and suffer through the wait. Keep up the good work and keep updating your files.

    As far as how the Senator handles their nominations just call his office and speak to the person in charge of running the nominations and ask them. Remember they're their to help they're not the bad guys.

    What you can do (and I'm sure one of the experts will give you details) is keep updating the things in your file that you can such as new accolades and if you're taking the ACT and SAT again update those scores.

    Last but not least congrats on the nomination.


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