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    How do nominations work? I know a Congressman cannot nominate an infinite amount of people so how do they cap it? Also to what extent does where you live play apart in admissions into the academy? While I am here, I might as well ask, what SATs scores are competitive for the academy.
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    Generally speaking a MoC can have 5 midshipmen assigned to the him/her at any one time. So as one graduates a slot opens. How the nominations for these slots are done varies. Many MoC provide the NA with a slate of 10 names and let admissions choose. All 10 have earned a nomination and can be offered an appointment but only one will be charged against the MoC.

    Where you live plays a part. Some districts are simply more competitive than others. If you live in N. Dakota, there may be only 5 people interested in going while there may be 50 interested from a district in Maryland. But its your whole person score that counts.

    Most will say to strive for 700/700 but I say keep pushing until you're satisfied that you've done your best.

    All that said, your questions have been answered many times in this forum. Learn to search and you'll get quicker answers.
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