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    I have a question that is a little embarrassing, it might even turn into a lesson on state and federal legislature. Are your House Representative and your Congressman the same person? On my WP portal it says my Rep. is Mullins, but I looked up my Congressman and it is Mullins. So does this mean that the only methods of nomination are your Senators, and Representative/Congressman? And what about State Senators, I have heard many different contradictions to this part and it is a bit confusing, can State Senators nominate you? Thanks, and I promise I am an educated and informed youth on things other than this topic.
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    Nomination sources come from Congress; Senators (Senate) and Representative (House of Representatives). You will often here it referred to as MOC on here, Member of Congress. State senators are not a nomination source.
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    NavyHoops is spot on of course; your MOCs are the source of most nominations.

    However there a limited number of other possible nomination that you can compete for nationally such as: Vice President, President, child of POW or MoH winner, JRROTC, SA Superintendent, and former Enlisted.

    The vast, vast majority of nominations come from your MOCs; but it's a good idea to apply for all possible nomination sources to increase your chances.

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