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Jan 20, 2008
Im waiting on a decision for a AFROTC scholarship. Im pretty competitive but I do not want to pursue an engineering major in college. I listed international relations, poli sci and history as my major choices. I know that they intend to award most scholarships to tech majors, but does that mean that people who want non-tech have basically no chance?
not at all, they obviously like tech majors more than others, iv heard from people on rotc boards that a few extra points are added for engineering majors and what not.

But the military really just wants you to have a degree, if you major in basket weaving but are otherwise competitive for a commission you have just as much of a chance.

Major in whatever YOU want to do.
thats good to hear.

my ALO told me that its based on the needs of the AF and those just move in cycles like everything else in the AF. But i cant get any info on what theyre expecting for this year. Its just everyone i know who has gotten a scholarship is going into CE or EE or Aero E.
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I know that Navy this year is VERY heavily geared towards engineering, so it may be the same for AF.
you may be correct on that, however I still dont think he should decide his major on whatever will get him a better chance at a scholership. Many many military aviators I know had majors all across the spectrum in political sci, CJ etc etc
yes i definitely will not change my major for a better chance at a scholarship. Im good at math but i know an engineering degree would kill my GPA in college and i dont want that to affect my career field application. Im going to do int'l studies with a foreign language minor, which fits the career field i want and which i can maintain a high GPA in.
You asolutely do NOT have to be a tech major to get the scholarship! My best friend and commander is applying for a non-tech (physics) and is all but a shoe in (got bumped the fourth board for not passing pt). I have ment a number of military officers (pilots in my case) who had non-tech majors...not to mention completely random (history, geology, etc). The most important thing is that you persue a major you like and care about. As long as you are qualified (which you seem to be) and told them up front about you're non-tech major, you stand as good a chance as anybody.