Nonrated AFSC drop date?


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Jan 29, 2013
Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has any intel as to when Non-rated AFSCs will drop for AFROTC cadets commissioning FY18. I've heard Oct. 17, but just wondering.

Something is fishy. We were told originally today then yesterday told the 31st. Which doesn’t make sense because base preferences are only available Oct 20-31st. So they are either all pulling our legs or they all really don’t know lol
Right. My friend's Det told him today would be the day as well; I had no idea about base preferences, although assuming I get Intel or Cyber, that won't really affect me, since I go to the training base anyways.
Is Oct 31 still looking like the day?

That’s what my commander said. But who knows at this point lol. I would just like to know soon because I commission in January lol and if my EAD is soon after I don’t want to be screwed lol
Rumour is that USAFAs non rated jobs are this week. Rated heard 4 weeks ago. Beat wishes to all who wait. Thank you for making the choice to serve.
Update: Our commander said most likely the end of next week. Air Force is always a week late.
This is not a drill. JOBS ARE OUT, I REPEAT JOBS ARE OUT. Good luck to all and I hope you get something you wanted!