Northwest Prep vs. Greystone


Nov 2, 2016
About a month and a half ago now I received my Falcon scholarship. My brothers friend (who is currently in the academy) went the NWP, but does not recommend it over Greystone for the sole fact that Greystone is two semesters of a university and NWP is only 1. According to him, some of the classes at the AFA are stupidly taught (seeing as they are taught by military officers and not career professionals) and he learned more by taking (for example) Calculus 1 at our local university compared to calculus 2 at the academy. Because of this, he recommends going to Greystone to make my life a lot easier at the academy. However, even with all of the scholarships, it would still cost me around $12,000-$13,000, compared to the $300 that going to a university for 1 semester (that would be if I went to NWP). My main question is would it be worth it to spend $13,000 to spend one extra semester at Greystone? I am not worried about being denied an appointment next year because I know that basically all Falcon scholars get in if they don't screw up, and his main point solely rests on making my life easier for freshman year. Do you think it is worth it, or should I go to NWP and then a university close to home? Thank you.
I was under the impression that Greystone was full. At least that is what they told me. I must admit, I am a little confused by your question. He said that you should go to Greystone, but you learn more from taking classes at a university? So wouldn't his advice to be to go to NWP so you can get that university setting? Because your second semester is spent at a local university taking classes that they believe will help you going into your freshman year. Also, NWP doesn't just cost $300. You also have to pay for that semester at your local college.
Do what is best for you. NWP has a solid track record for success for those who have completed their program. It has been proven decade after decade. There is nothing wrong with going home and taking a 4/C like schedule at your local university or community college. Greystone is a newer program on the block and has quickly gained a solid reputation. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Pick which one is right for you, to include financially.