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    I was wondering if it is possible to get grants or some other kind of financial aid for Northwestern? I recieved a FF Scholarship. However, I still have to dish up a sizable chunk of change when I add up plane tickets, SAT/ACT testing etc. I have ABSOLUTELY no problem paying, but I don't think I will be able to come up with the cash even if I work full time this summer. Additionally, my only working parent was just cut to one day a week, and I have a sibling who has had cancer for about 3 years, (This has been very financially draining to my whole family). Can grants be applied to a prep school? And is there a way to get a special low/no interest loan since I am going to a service academy prep school? Thanks.
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    Federal Financial aid - grants and loans are not available for NWP since you would not be in a degree program. One drawback to the school.
    Do they have their own financial aid program? You should call the school and speak to them.
    If you are awarded any scholarships through your highschool you might be able to use those unless there are restrictions in the award.

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