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Aug 23, 2006
I was just wondering if anyone knows how many ROTC Scholarship slots that Norwich has available each year.
Norwich ROTC

link to Norwich Website and to the Core of cadets part. ROTC Scholarship info there
Im not sure of the exact number but NU gives out the most Army ROTC scholarships than any other school.
I am now able to answer my own question, so I thought that I would share in case that anyone else wondered the same thing. My son had his interview last evening with Norwich. He was told that they have 3 ROTC scholarships. Later, sometimes more become available. Apparently, this past year they ended up with 17, but you may not receive the offer until you are already there. I just met someone this week whose son is a freshman, and that is exactly what happened in his situation.
Why does Norwich have such a high acceptance rate? Almost 73 percent of all applicants get in.
Norwich University - being a military school is what one would call self-selecting.
The students that apply there are mostly qualified to attend.
Kinda took the words out of my mouth. the students who apply to Military/Federal Service schools are usually within the top 20% of their class and would otherwise easily have been accepted to their state or local colleges.

This is just an estimate but from what I'm seeing from others in my Rook class I would say there have been about 10 NROTC scholarships given, 3 or 4 of which are Marine option. Around 15 or so Army Scholarships. And about 5 Air Force scholarships. And of course even more 3 year scholarships are given when the cadre get to know everyone and see who is qualified. Let me put it this way, If you plan on commissioning from Norwich into the military you are in a very good spot to eventually get a scholarship either 4, 3 or 2 year from your respective branch.

Just remember to have high
and Ethics
Right now, I'm in Jrotc, and am trying to get a 4 year scholarship. This is of course another option for Norwich, correct?
Yes if applying for a 4 Year scholarship make sure to apply early so you can get DoDMERB and the Interview out of the way. You dont want deadlines hanging over your head. If this is going to be your senior year open an application now online. Apply for a scholarship from all the services, even if you may not want to serve in one of them. You never know what may come up or if you have a change of heart.