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    Hi everyone, first post.

    I am now beginning my first year as a Norwich Cadet (first day as a rook begins tomorrow) but my true heart lies in West Point.

    My father of recent passing was a USMA Cadet and as such has always been my dream. However his passing severely interrupted my admissions process and I in a hurry applied to Norwich.

    If I was to choose to begin the admissions process again for West Point for next year, what would the differences be having a year of schooling already completed? Would my year at Norwich be a benefit or a hindrance towards my application?

    I realize that I would still have to go through four years at USMA if accepted.

    Thank you.
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    My son went thru the same thing that you are attempting to do. He is now a yuck at WP. This is my recommendation:

    Pick a STEM major. My son was a EE major his first year at AROTC. Needless to say keep your grades up. Try to get into the honors program. Also, get to know your professors - they'll be writing a recommendation report to WP.

    Two ways to get an appointment - your congressman and your AROTC XO. Try to get both. My son actually worked for our Congressman's re-election campaign during the summer and the first couple of months the school year. They were on a first name basis. Also talk to your XO - be sure he is aware that you plan on applying to WP.

    If your ACT / SAT isn't stellar, take it again. A 33, 34 or 35 ACT composite score not only shows how bright you are - but also that you are willing to go above and beyond to improve yourself. The admissions board loves self-motivated candidates.

    Finally, sweat the details. Your APFT should be 280+. You should still be involved with extra-curricular activities. If you AROTC has and specialized training, sign up for it. You don't want to look back six months from now thinking "if only".

    Best of luck.

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