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    Hello everyone,

    I hope everything is going well but I have few questions so let me get straight to the point.

    Question 1:Do I need to apply separately to Navy ROTC and Norwich,or do I apply to ROTC after I get in to Norwich or vise-versa?

    Question 2:Does the school super-score ( do they count the highest ACT/SAT) ?

    Question 3: I finished my Application for Admission , Essay , Resume , got some Recommendations done, Gonna send in my I missing anything ?

    Thank you very much for your help and have a great day

    Best Regards,
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    1. You apply for NROTC and Norwich separately. Don't wait until your hear from Norwich, get that NROTC application in pronto s it's there for the first scholarship board!

    2. I'm fairly certain they superscore, not 100% sure though.

    3. No I think that's all you need, if you're missing anything they'll let you know. You'll probably have an admissions decision by Thanksgiving provided you have everything submitted.
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    Make sure you also apply for financial aid from the college.

    Good luck
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    As a current cadet who has been through the process, here is my advice:

    1) Apply to school and for the NROTC Scholarship separately. The scholarship application has a due date in the first two or three months of each year of the junior year of high school to have the best chance of acceptance. The school application is during senior year and you can hear back from them within a week if your application is really good.

    2) Yes they do count the highest score. But just only send them the highest anyway.

    3) No but make sure you have things such as uniform measurement forms complete as soon as possible

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