Norwich University - Worth it?


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Dec 5, 2007
Hey everyone,

I was recently accepted to Norwich Corps of Cadets, and though I should be happy, my response is less than enthusiastic due to USNA (# 1 choice, but still no word on application and no LOA/Scholastically Q'd letter).

I've had a hard time finding good information about Norwich. After seeing several people online rant about how Norwich's Corps is horribly run, combined with nothing praising their school that isn't on their website, I'm starting to wonder if whether I want to go there as #2.

Any thoughts are welcome, because I need some help making a decision. If anyone is at Norwich and/or an alumnus, their opinion would be greatly helpful as well.

Norwich's admission office contacted me and let me know about an online chat that they are having tomorrow night. You can contact them for details. I imagine they will have current or past students on to talk about their experiences.