Notifying school of NROTC Scholarship?


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Oct 8, 2008
Hi my son just received notice that he received an NROTC scholarship to a consortium of schools. (3 different ones/ he applied to two of them) I know that this does not guarantee admission to the schools but does NROTC notify the admissions departments of these schools of the names of students they granted scholarships to?(kind of like coaches do for athletes, hey we are interested in this guy etc.) Or should my son notify the schools with an update e-mail? Does it help?
It certainly would not hurt for your son to send a copy of his NROTC scholarship offer, along with a letter stating his desire to attend the college of his choice.

It also wouldn't hurt for him to contact the recruiter of the unit at the school of his choice to let him/her know of his sincere interest and give a heads up if a scholarship transfer will later be necessary.

My son got a scholarship to the #1 school on his list, but really wanted to go to the #4 on his list, a "reach" school. He sent a letter and a copy of his scholarship award letter to that school. He got accepted to the reach school, and then asked and was granted a transfer of his scholarship to that school.
Thanks, his scholarship offer is to his reach schools (two of them) so he is going to send an e-mail today. I will have him contact the recruiter as well. Good Advice. Quick question though how did he send the letter to a school that was not named on the scholarship offer?
I am not clear what you mean by this. Was there more than one school named? I know last year, my son was placed into the unit at the first school on his list because there was an open solot.

Perhaps things have changed this year? This is where a recruiter (perhaps the local recruiter where he interviewed) would be helpful.
Sorry I wasn't clear,he was accepted to a consortium NROTC unit of Three schools (3 schools share the same NROTC Unit) He applied to two out of three of the schools in the consortium but both schools are very competetive Reach schools where the acceptance rate is less than 10% overall. I understand that he may be able to get a spot in one of his 2nd,3, 4th or 5th choice schools (if he doesn't get into first choice schools and they have slots available in another school). I was just wondering how you approached the other schools when your scholarship letter stated the first school(s). Sorry confusing and a stupid question-I am going to think positive and hope its a moot point! He also needs a waiver so.....