NOW Qualified - largely due to Larry Mullen


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Jul 22, 2008
We started the process with a short e-mail to Mr. Mullen about possible medical issues. He replied in less than 3 minutes. In the many following exchanges he's been unfailing informative, polite, professional and still managed to make me laugh and have confidence that in time we, the team of my ds, Larry M. and I, would make it through the process. Through all of it his responses have been so rapid we have joked here at the house that there must actually be an office full of staff all answering, around the clock:rolleyes:, e-mails sent to Mr. Mullen.

My ds's physical was Aug 25th, but with the accuracy and speed of the information Larry was able to give me I actually had the medical records requested, and one set from the current Dr. already in my hands, within 24 hours of the official letter requesting them arriving here at the house. Once I had all the requested records, a week or so later, DoDMERB staff was willing to accept a scan of the 90 or so pages, which saved us another week or so, and when a few days later still, the on-line website showed a remedial test was requested I e-mailed and was told how to call Kathy to get the information to schedule the test. On Monday, 9/29 Kathy, with Concorde, explained what the spirometry test would involve and how to get it scheduled. Tuesday after school he went to have it completed and knowing what it would involved enabled us to realize that part of it wasn't completed when the contractor dismissed my son and so he went back in and had it finished. The next day DoDMERB staff was once again flexible and willing to let us submit those results electronically.

Yesterday we were notified that he is medically qualified!!

I'm very grateful to Larry Mullen as I'd guess his rapid responses enabled us to cut the time involved in 1/2 and decreased my stress level by more than 1/2. ;) .

He got the job done.:thumb:

The next day DoDMERB staff was once again flexible and willing to let us submit those results electronically.

the provider was not required to submit the results directly?
Are there changes in protocol at DoDMERB, I wonder?

Congratulations on getting the paperwork expedited and getting qualified! It sounds like Dodmerb is providing excellent customer service!
Thx for the kudos for our work EMCS 1200:) Good luck!

Just_A_Mom -No protocols have changed. We understand that providers may sometime "procrastinate." We will accept anything. If we have questions about veracity, completeness, etc; we always reserve the right to seek additional test(s), eval(s), and information. This is OUR business model - we try and help the applicants at all turns. When something just doesn't look right for one or two applicants, while not questioning their veracity, we may request additional items.:thumb:
Maybe the directions should be changed on the letter - we could not even get the test results from our provider. They were kind enough to send them to the peditrician. I think the directions also specifically stated that all medical records were to be mailed.

Anyway glad to see that dodmerb is moving more smoothly than two years ago!
Keep up the good work!
I think you are talking about a different issue. The initial exams and any remedials that DoDMERB pays for, come directly to us from the provider thru Concorde to DoDMERB. Any records and or evals/tests the applicants pays for/obtains, may be sent directly to us, providing your provider allows that.

But yes, we are always moving forward for a win-win-win situation for the applicant, DoDMERB, and the Services:thumb:
The DoDMERB process can reult in many questions....thank you very much for being available to answer the candidates' questions, MullenLE! :thumb:
Well - now I am confused. I am sure the poster referred to a Remedial.

When my daughter's remedial was posted to her Dodmerb web page in 2007, I called and asked what to do so she could have the test. I was told I had to wait for the paperwork to come in the mail - which took two weeks. This was sometime in February - we were trying to get qualifed for the 2007-2008 year.
When she finally had the test we were told the results had to be submitted by the provider directly to Dodmerb which took another week or so. We actually never really knew when Dodmerb got the results - had to call.

When Dodmerb requested my childs birth to present medical records - I called and was told to accumulate ALL records and mail them in at one time. They would not be accepted in any other form.

I do believe that this year things are being expedited. Of course, back then I didn't know to call/email you directly - :wink:
I shall be sure to forward your name and email to anyone I know who needs to make contact with Dodmerb!
"I do believe that this year things are being expedited. Of course, back then I didn't know to call/email you directly - I shall be sure to forward your name and email to anyone I know who needs to make contact with."

Thx. We are here to help:):thumb:
Larry is slowly changing DODMERB's reputation from a place that exists to disqualify candidates, to a place that helps qualify them.

BZ, Larry Mullen. :thumb:
If I can add my 2 cents worth .... my D (& myself) were immensely helped through the whole waiver process by Larry (& that was before he joined this site)! I think I may have mentioned the site to him during one of our conversations/e-mails last year (or earlier this year??) because "SA Forums" helped us figure out how to ask the correct questions and work our way through a spondylolysis waiver. I have to agree - Larry, you are doing a wonderful job in changing the perception of DoDMERB! I've really enjoyed watching you help people so quickly on this site, but I hope you get some time to sleep!!!
Thx to all of you for the accolades! (Luigi59's account of "slowly" must be referring to the USCGA's track team; not me:shake:)

DoDMERB's job is to get folks to MEET the medical accession standards when we can...on those occassions when we can't, it DOES NOT MEAN GAME OVER...there are many does "NOT MEET" medical accession standards out there that are "history of" types. This means that a significant injury, illness, disease, condition, syndrome, etc., has occurred in an applicants life that needs to be reviewed by the Service Academy and/or ROTC programs to which the applicant has applied. It may nor be present or having a negative effect on the applicant currently. As the "investors," they need to ensure that the applicant will be able to train, be commissioned, and be world-wide deployable without risk to themselves or the troops they will be charged with leading.

DoDMERB does the heavy of lifting of screening all the applicants for all the Service Academies and ROTC programs. Those young folks that can be determined to MEET medical accession standards off the bat, will be qualified. This represents approx 85% of all applicants, with/without a remedial(s). The remaining percentage, just require a "closer look" for waiver consideration. Those that have their waivers denied, while regrettable, received a "2nd independent bite at the apple." The waiver authrorities will grant or deny a waiver. They also have the latitude to request additional test(s), eval(s), and or info before they render their waiver decision. That decision demonstrates the best decision for that program and that Service.

Soooo, we continue to strive to do the best job possible. Understandbly so, when an applicant can't obtain a medical waiver, they are NOT victims of the just didn't work for them. The person woh olny maintains a passing average in HS may have always wanted to go to Harvard, but it is not going to happen. THAT, is a harsh reality.
The standing comment between my daughter and I became "don't send off an email to Larry unless your standing right next to a phone" because it will ring within seconds. Not all the results may be what you are hoping for but it is sure not for lack of trying. Above and beyond in customer service when so many others can barely give you the time of day :biggrin:
I have now recieved a phone call from DODMERB saying i am now qualified and good to go. I would like to thank Larry Mullen as well, because he helped speed up the process as well.
Congrats!!!! Our pleasure:) Good luck:thumb: Go get em!!!!!
I would also like to commend the "new" director of DoDMERB. Although remaining in the background He and Mr. Mullen have made the process much easier for those of us plodding through the system. They are the best.
On behalf of the Director, DoDMERB (who spearheaded my partcipation on the Forum), we thank you very much for the recognition. We are really here to serve...folks may not always get the outcome they hope for, but we try and be responsive and comprehensive:thumb: