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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by trickywolffe, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Hey there,

    I'm sure that someone has asked this question before, but I couldn't find the thread. I received my NROTC acceptance letter the other day! Yay! However, I am interested in either going Naval Academy, or AFROTC, my question is this: It says that accepting the scholarship does not obligate you to join the program, and it will be automatically declined if I attend USNA. However, if I accept it now, will it prevent me from changing my mind at a later date to, say AFROTC?

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    No. Read the note next to the checkbox in Section C on page 14 of the New Select Booklet.

    You may decline the scholarship at any time for any reason. It must be done by writing or sending an email to NSTC.

    I don't believe you incur any sort of obligation until the first day of your sophomore year (note the difference between USNA and NROTC here).

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