NROTC Action...

DS has an interview this morning for the NROTC scholarship. I'll be honest and say I can't remember exactly who it is. I think it is the area coordinator but DS handles all this on his own and I have lost track.

DS turned everything in for the first board in August ... still has not heard anything.
still waiting

My DS had his application turned in by the end of August and we haven't heard anything. Seems like we are experiencing the military norm of "hurry up and wait".
ditto..application completed and submitted by Mid-August. Still waiting
My daughter was last told NROTC board would be meeting this week. On her status website it states awaiting officer interview which she had a month ago. I hate the wait more than her!
I had my interview in mid May and paperwork got turned in for first board obviously, I think they waited till a few weeks before the August board to turn my package in though according to my recruiter. Still patiently waiting...
NROTC usually takes awhile to inform you of getting a scholarship, I didn't hear about my status until April long after I accepted an appointment to one of the academies.
It can take up to a month to be notified if you are awarded a scholarship by one of the boards. If you hear nothing, that means you've been reboarded for the next and any subsequent boards. They do not notify you if you have been reboarded (generally... my DS was informed he had been reboarded for the Marine option). You may not hear an official negative result until early to mid-April. Be working those backup plans, which of course can include NROTC as a college programmer. This is the course my DS took and he received an in-college scholarship in his sophomore year, which BTW are just as competitive, but the participants are different.