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    I submitted my completed NROTC application about 3 weeks ago and had my interview about 2 weeks ago, but my NETFOCUS account still says "At your Recruiter/Coordinator for initial processing" and "Items waiting to be processed: Officer interview".

    Does it normally take a few weeks for the NROTC application/interview to be processed? (With AFROTC, it showed that the interview was completed by the next day) Should I contact my recruiter/coordinator? I just want to make sure my application will be ready in time for the next board.

    Thanks for any and all advice.
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    Your regional rep will reach out to the officer that interviewed you to check on the hold up. Your interviewing officer is reading over your entire application to make sure you captured all that is expected. This happened both with my DS and DD. If all is found to be okay your package will be sent to might already be on the way or even there. It will take time to see your application updated. It does now hurt to contact your regional rep and ask. Congrats, you have done your part just remain focused in school and on your B and C plans. Keep working hard.
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