NROTC Board Dates


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Oct 24, 2017
Does anyone know the dates for the NROTC selection boards between now and April 2018? I know they aren't published officially, but in at least one previous years someone in the forum was able to find them.

Many thanks!
first meeting for the board was yesterday and it continues to meet till the 27th. Expect to hear back in two weeks ONLY if you get selected.
Does anyone know if the board that met Oct 23-27 was the first board? When is the selection board after the Oct 23-27? Thank you
I have a copy of FY16 dates. Last year's dates were similar, and I assume they will be close again.


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There is no delay.... the front end of this are kids that are just off the charts. The majority of the selection process will be released in the coming weeks.

Hold on everyone is at the top of the coaster ride.
This is not how it works but think of it like this.

The early selections were kinda like early action for kids with off the chart applications the remaining candidates went into the next pool which as I noted will soon be released