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Apr 15, 2008
Hi all. Have not posted much but wondered if anyone might be able to reassure my daughter on her NROTC application. She completed the physical, interview and application by mid July of last year. The recruiter suggested the timing was great because that would have made her eligibile for the first boards in August but as of yet she has heard nothing. Grades are unweighted 4.0 (thru 1st semester of her senior year) in a challenging private school, good ACT scores a few involvement and leadership activities (lower than we would like though) as well as 3 years of varsity soccer. There doesn't seem to be much info even on here about the boards being held and how often etc but do you think she is setting herslef up for disappointment? And advice greatly appreciated.
Hi Missouri Dad,

My son is in the same boat, so to speak. Similar stats--he had application completed in August, though, not July. No word on anything! We have received almost no information from Navy ROTC--but online it says all info has been received and processed, but no decision has been made.

Another mom posted on a thread that her son had an LOA and nomination to the Naval Academy, but "no decision" on Navy ROTC yet either. (I found that reassuring.) I also think I read on the same thread that a lot of Navy Scholarships were not awarded until the Spring (?) . . . perhaps someone with far more knowledge than me could respond.

From what I have gathered, though, it is too early to be disappointed and as long as you have not received anything telling you NO, then you are still in the running.

The waiting is the hardest . . . . GOOD LUCK!
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Benson - Thanks much and someone else recently told me the Navy likes to wait until spring in a lot of cases. Glad to have company in this boat. Daughter also has a pending app at USNA (3Q and nom) which we are somewhat confident about but I expected that one to take more time even being a recruited athlete. Thanks and good luck.
NROTC was the last to notify our daughter last year. After a huge push by her recruiter to get everything in for the December board, to include some faxing and express mailing, she didn't hear anything at all until the end of March. The good news was that they offered her a scholarship. The bad news was that she had heard already from everyone else and made her plans. Not that NROTC would have beaten out USMMA anyway.
Missouri Dad,

We're Kansas so we're probably in the same district. My daughter had her NROTC apps in pretty early, I think July maybe Aug. Long before USNA.
She got a call around the first week of October saying she had her first choice.
My daughter has applied and rushed to have all documents and interviews conducted by mid Nov for the Dec boards but no word as of yet. She 3.95 gpa, 28 ACT, Corp Commander of JROTC unit, tons of volunteer work, team captain of basketball, volleyball, and tennis, and not too mention I am retired Navy after 22 years of service. iWe called the recruiter and was told it would probably be May before we know anything. She was motivated but now she thinks that she did not get selected and has began to investigate other options, not sure how excited she would be if she get it now.
A change in the NROTC application apparently took place this year. When a student applied to USNA, their preliminary application was forwarded to the NROTC recruiting officers.

I became aware with this from somthing I read on this forum. In addition, my son, who is already attending college on an NROTC scholarship, submitted a preliminary application and became an official candidate for USNA. Although he withdrew his USNA application, the NROTC recruiters have his name and have both emailed and called him to get him to complete his NROTC application. He has notified them by email and phone that he is already on scholarship. So, there might also be some gliches in the system.

Perhaps this larger number of NROTC candidates in the system has created a larger NROTC scholarship application base to review.

The Navy is looking for good, strong applications, not just by scores, but by recommendations, participation in community activities, as well as well-written essays and an impressive interview.
NRTOC status pages

2 questions...

1. Is there a January review board?

2. I had my application finished in early December. For the past month or so the online status has said something to the effect that my application had been sent to Naval Command where it would be evaluated. Yesterday I checked the status and saw that the page has been updated with all of my information: college choices, SAT scores, numbers to change information... This was not available before, just the short paragraph. The status still says that no decision has been made. Question is whether this means anything about when I may find out, or if this is a basic update.
I wish I could ease your mind more. The process this year, including the updates, seem to be different than the way it was done with my son last year. What I do know is that some VERY fine candidates got notified in April and May.

Patience is the only thing here at this point.
Yes this was first year that USNA shared prelim names with nrotc - my son got a letter from nrotc in june, stating they wished him well with candidate status, but why not think about nrotc?? that led him to do the nrotc application - our scholarship co-ordn sits in richmond - all his correspondence was via email - real rush to get everything in by sept. school docs took much of sept - everything was in and noted on nrotc page by oct 1. Our area co-ordinator sent another message this weekend- his message tells all applicants that the final date for submission in jan 31- there are more boards, just don't know exactly which mon/week - our area office was always great to responding to questions -ask yours. My son's index page sat completed for couple months - got an email from area office monday of thanksgiving week and package offering award thanksgiving weekend. I hope our experience gives you more insight -
Thanks for all the replies to this thread, I guess the new changes are causing some of the delay in the info. Some of you who have received selections, do you care to share some of your qualifications? Such as gpa, ACT, sports, community involvement, etc. My daughter applied for the Nurse option, ACT could have been a little better, but she is competive in everything else.
My son says I can relate his stats:
ACT - oct 08 - comp:30 English 29 Math 34
SAT oct 08- CR 560 Math 750 CW 650 (same results time before)
currently taking AP Cal, Oceanography, Comp Sc, Latin 3, - heavy math and science courseload - previously AP Chem, Physics
top 20% - our high school does NOT rank - HS recently was ranked 55 in nation
Honor Society - 2 years
Capt of crew - Varsity-letter all years
eagle scout
volunteer hours +350 - county parkland, tutoring, BScout -I can't think of what more - probably not any differnt than any other competitive candidate.
No ethinic - I am member DAR, generations of family military history
My son is in the waiting cycle for usna but is pleased to have backup of nrotc and now admission offer to 1st choice school.