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    Few questions about NROTC

    1) what costs will the cadet be expected to pay, if any?

    2) Does NROTC cover some sort of meal plan or include a "salary" like the service academies?

    3) Do cadets live in dorms with the rest of the cadets or do they find their own housing? And if so can they live in fraternity/sorority houses or apartments/houses with their friends?

    4) Does the scholarship include room and board?
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    This link has an answer to many of your questions:
    Just explore the site and you'll find a lot of good info. Room and board is not covered , but check out the "sticky" on this forum regarding room and board. Some schools give discounts or free room and board to ROTC scholarship winners

    I'm guessing where you are allowed to live may vary by college. Many colleges require all Freshmen to live in the apartments, frat houses ,etc... whether they are ROTC or not.
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    By the way, in the Navy the students are called midshipmen rather than cadets. Funny thing, DS received an award last week that can be given to members of ROTC of any branch. His certificate was awarded to "Cadet X"!

    1) there may be some fees charged by the school that NROTC won't pay - but this is minimal

    2) The midshipmen receive a book stipend. My DS has figured out ways to get his books for less than the book stipend. They receive the same stipend regardless of the cost of their books. They also receive a monthly stipend that increases in amount each year. This stipend is paid only during the school year. During their summer training they will also be paid based on the length of the cruise (one cruise was 4 weeks, one was 5 days for my DS, so pay varied). All travel is covered for the cruise. I will have to look back to figure out the weekly amount they are paid during summer training.

    3) I understand that this varies by unit. At DS school, they arrange for housing just like all other students. However, since the NROTC midshipmen get to know each other well, they may end up being roommates anyway. DS was assigned a dorm room and roommate for his first year, then roomed with other midshipmen his 3C and 2C years.

    4) As noted by another poster, some schools will give a housing "scholarship" to ROTC scholarship winners. This is not the case at DS school. I called the school to verify.
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    Another good place to get information is the schools NROTC FAQ's link.

    Good luck!
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    Many schools also offer room and board scholarships to ROTC High School Scholarship Recipients. Check with your school's admissions/financial aid office to make sure.

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