NROTC - How does a recruiter help?


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Jun 27, 2006
My son has completed his NROTC scholarship application online but has not yet submitted it. The website recommends that he review his application with his NROTC recruiter before submitting his application.

Q: What is the role of the NROTC recruiter? In what way does he/she help?


The only contact I had with my recruiter was the initial notification that I was applying for the scholarship and the interview. I waited a year to the day to hear from him concerning the final decision, and between that time I had absolutely no contact with him.

His role is nothing like a BGO, so don't expect a whole lot in the way of help.
The principal role played in my son's application was sending paperwork, guiding him to the officer interview after my son had submitted his preliminary application.

He is a regional person (recruiter??) (a civilian USN employee) who kept encouraging him (via email mostly, one additional letter) to get his app done, etc.

He received the emailed application, reviewed it, and then sent it on to Memphis, who then send it to Pensacola. So ... I guess this is where the review happens to make sure it's in order.

And this gentleman emailed him 2 mos. later to alert him he'd been selected.

They've never met personally. And as you will or have found, applicants are instructed to direct all questions, additional info to Pensacola, once it's submitted.
my regional director for the NROTC helped me out quite a bit. he helped me fill out the online application, told me where my weak and strong points were in the application. he also helped me with the essay questions, well, he actually told me they should be addressed more like just questions. he told me that the board or whatever goes through alot of applications and don't want a freakishly long answer, he told me they should be no more than two paragraphs. he jsut helped me stay on task and fill out the application in due time. they application is not hard at all, but it's quite useful when you have someone to look over it and is familar with the process. also, he told me that the commander who interviewed me gave me some nice remarks!
I have a great recruiter. He is really enthusiastic. What was a bit odd to me was that my recruiter had already contact my counselor and teachers before I even officially submitted my application.

Something for anyone applying to take note of- don't write anything in the online application and save it which you wouldn't want your recruiter to read! Even if the application isn't finished and submitted, your recruiter can and will read it! :eek:

Also, if you are trying to decide who to name as references, the best thing to do is to not put placeholders in the application. Leave the references section blank and put the final choices in just before you officially submit the application. :thumb: If you use a placeholder, there is a possibility that person may be contacted before you are even ready with your application. Happened with me. Fortunately, my placeholder likes me! :biggrin: