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    I have my NROTC interview in a few days. When I called the NROTC office to schedule the interview, the man I talked to really didn't give me much information on it. Is there anything I am required to bring with me? How should I dress? Do my parents need to come?

    Just trying to get everything straight so I don't look foolish showing up doing something wrong. Any other information you can think of that I need to know would help.

    Thank you!
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    Bring 2 copies of your resume. One for you one for the Officer. Bring a copy of everything you already submitted for your application including a copy (unofficial) of your HS transcript and those couple of forms you need to sign. You may not need any of them, but it is better to be prepared.

    I went with my DS, but a parent is not required.

    Dress and look professional. Look and act like you want to be an officer. A suit and tie would be best, but not necessary. You are going to be interviewed by an officer who will be dressed in their uniform. Consider what you are wearing as your uniform. Look clean and neat. Here is a good thread

    To prep for the interview:
    Know why you want to be a naval officer.
    Know the different Navy communities and be able to articulate which community you want and why.
    Know your resume. Know examples of how you have shown leadership.
    Know examples of when you have spoken to a large group.
    The Navy is looking for STEM type applicants. Be able to articulate your involvement in math, computers, and science both in and out of the classroom.
    What can you add that they don't already know about your physical fitness or physical activities.
    Are there any special circumstances that they should know about or that you want to highlight

    I have seen these categories and what would give max scores.
    NROTC Program Motivation: Applied to all programs but definitely wants Navy and NROTC is first choice.
    Service Over Self: Explicit in service over self - just wants to serve - May have other desires but overall, amenable to other communities - Fully career invested.
    Physical Fitness: Exceptionally fit - Top athletic condition - Superb muscle tone - Embraces a culture of fitness - Muscular, fit and trim
    Appearance/Bearing: Superb - Very mature - Dressed to impress - Sat up straight and was attentive during meeting - Conveyed great respect - Meets Navy standards of appearance already
    Communications: Exceptional - Thoughtful and clean in response - Articulated answers with ease - Maintained eye contact throughout - Conveys professionalism and confidence
    Overall Suitability for NROTC Program - Great potential to excel as a midshipman/officer - Highest recommendation - Of all applicants interviewed - Top 20%

    Most importantly, be yourself.
    After your interview, post back and let us know what you learnt.
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    Don't talk negatively about other services in this setting; it's not professional. Focus on what career paths and missions of your desired service appeal to you and why.

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