NROTC ISR Interview this week!!

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by grevar, Jul 31, 2013.

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    DS is set up for an interview with the Commander of the Navy Recruiting Command this week for the Immediate Scholarship Reservation.

    We are wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this, and will it be like the "Officer Interview" he already had. Also, from what I read on this forum, I think it may be possible that he will learn following or during the interview if he will receive this honor. Is this typically the procedure, or is it a longer process?

    One more thing....if he is given the scholarship, is it for a particular school that he picked as his five? Or is he told that he won the scholarship, and now he needs to get accepted to one of the schools. We are confused about that. In other words, if/when he is told he has been given the scholarship, it is school specific? ie, one of the five schools he picked on his application?
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    great question. Since ISR is rare, I don't recall ever seeing that question asked or answered.

    My take on it without any real knowledge is that at this point in the application process, before 1st Board even meets, is that there is no Unit in all of NROTC that is without at least one open slot. This would then give your son a chance to select which college he wants to apply the ISR to, if he is given the ISR. Again, that is an educated guess.

    So, for example, if the original list of five colleges didn't include, say, University of San Diego, but recently you/he has learned that it is a great place to spend four years at college and in NROTC, you might be able to pick USD over the five you've already put on the App.

    Same scenario: You've recently learned that Virginia Tech and Norwich University both have Corps of Cadets along with NROTC, and your son has decided that format would fit his style better than a non-Corps university. Same as above, since 1st Board hasn't yet met, you might be able to ask the Interviewing Officer if you would be able to insert one of those at the top of your list.
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    grevar: I have no personal knowledge of the ISR program. However, this document (if currrent) spells out some details for you.

    COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 1533.4C dated 9 July 2012 4C .pdf

    Under the ISR program desciption, the document states the following:

    "School Choice. Applicants must fill out five school choices including one state choice. ISR candidates shall understand that school choice is not guaranteed and they must independently compete for school entrance. Inform all ISR applicants that applying earlier in the program year improves their chances of receiving their top school choices. NROTC unit placement is determined after scholarship selection, and is conducted on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. NROTC units at schools that enjoy high popularity close out early."

    From the sounds of it, the process is the same as with ROTC students.
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