I recently was notified that I was selected for ISR, and had a few questions.

1. What is the difference between the regular NROTC interview and the NROTC ISR interview?
(I know that the ISR is conducted by the CO, but I'm not really sure about everything else.)

2. Also, if I do get the ISR, does that mean the NROTC guarantees my placement into a unit at my primary chosen college? (By the way, I did get accepted to my primary college.)


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First off, congratulations.

My son was an ISR recipient in fall of 2014. Had initial interview via Skype on a Thursday afternoon, got a phone call Friday, telling him that the CO of the district wanted to meet with him in Columbus (Ohio) on Tuesday. The way it was described to him was that they looked at the "pile" of applicants that they'd received, and pulled out the ones that they felt they absolutely wanted to get in to the NROTC system. Once he was offered (and accepted), he chose to halt his USNA and USAFA applications.