NROTC List of 5 Schools


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Jan 6, 2013
DD has 4 of her schools firm. She is up in the air on the 5th. So.... 1. George Washington University 2. Georgetown University 3. Villanova 4. Holy Cross. The final will be between NC Stata, U of North Carolina and U of Maryland. She has not yet firmed up the actual order. I'm done flying and driving, put a fork in me! What are some of the other lists out there?
DS not exactly sure of order yet but his 5 are South Carolina, VA Tech, NC State, VMI, The Citadel. I have a younger DD, so I've got a few more trips left to do.
When I went through the application process last year, I used the NROTC website with the list of schools to help narrow down my choices. Your DD could possibly use that to help her narrow down her fifth school or possibly change her mind on some. I wish you fair winds and following seas on the long, long application process. Good Luck!
Son #2 will be a H. S. junior so we still have a year to decide. However, he is only looking at schools with free or reduced room & board since NROTC only covers tuition, RPI, URochester, Tulane, Vanderbilt, BU, & a state school.
USN-Ret, my DS is a 1st. Class at U of South Carolina, nice unit, loves the school. Our DD is now down to NC State and UNC for her last two. She saw many of the schools my DD looked at so the experience helped her.