NROTC - LREC (Language Regional Expertise and Culture)


May 26, 2016
Somebody there who has or her/his DD or DS get awarded with this Scholarship ( tier 3) type?
My DD (rising HS Senior), will apply to NROTC Tier 3, her Major will be "International Studies" / International Relations, she really likes this Major and also plan to Minor in a foreign language.
LREC is in her radar, but not 100% sure, we know Navy Award 85% yo tier 1 & 2 and 15% to Tier 3, but still she will apply, just wondering if somebody there apply to her desire Major and get the Scholarship?... or somebody there who choose Tier 3 other career, and was Award with LREC without choosing it?
Thank you for feed back
She can certainly try. Also keep in mind this, at my unit at least, a lot of kids start out in tier 1 majors but switch to tier 2 and 3 in their sophomore year, like a lot more than you would think. I actually have a hard time believing the 85% figure because of this.
Hello, I was awarded an LREC scholarship for NROTC so I think I can help a little. May I ask what your DD's school stats are? I took 5 years of foreign language classes from 7th to 11th grade (being able to show you can learn foreign languages is really helpful, I'm sure.) How are her leadership skills, sports, clubs, JROTC? Also, what language would she want to learn?
International Studies/International Relations does not work as a major for LREC. If selected for LREC, the student will have to major in something listed at the following link (see LREC - Tier 3):

Question, If she wants to Major in International Studies, I understand this will be in the 15% of "other Majors" non technical, is this correct?, so can she apply to this Major even is if non technical right?
Yes, International Studies would be among the standard Tier 3 majors. Yes, she can still list this on her application as her desired major/tier.