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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by rownavy2020, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Hello all,

    I received my official acceptance(congratulations?) letter last night in the mail. After reading through the contents it seems that I have received the scharship in the LREC program. Back when I was filling out my application my coordinator told me to check the box seeing as it could help my chances. (I applied for TIII major of international relations)

    I was just curious as to anyone's experience with the LREC program or if you know how others liked it?

    Does this mean I can't also major in International Relations/is it possible to switch the LREC to just International Relations? I also plan on minoring in International business.
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    woohoo!! tier III Scholarship, that's a tough one to get!
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    I am not super familiar with the LREC piece, but after a quick google search I found some info out. It states on:

    For the LREC program you are required to either:

    1) Major in a foreign language required by the Navy and complete four (4) associated classes (12 semester credit hours) in a region/cultural area associated with the selected language; or
    2) Major in a region/cultural area required by the navy and complete four (4) associated classes (12 semester credit hours) in a foreign language associated with the region/cultural area.

    So it looks like you need major in IR or International Studies of some kind with a specific region/culture and take the associated language. I think your best bet is to contact the det you plan to attend and start asking specific questions. I would imagine if you don't follow the scholarship requirements for LREC it would be lost.

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