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    Trying to pin down the NROTC (Marine Option) scholarship process. I have searched the web, Navy/ USMC sites, literature, this forum, etc and really can't pin down the selection process. Don't know why it would be secret but I assume if we all work together we might build it from the ground up.

    1. Application is submitted on line

    2. SAT/ ACT scores sent to NROTC

    3. Interview with an Officer Selection Officer (OSO)
    * Picture and Physical Fitness Test (PFT)
    * Interview sheet submitted as part of the application

    4. Application reviewed by one of 3 boards during year
    * Dates are kept secret (closely guarded for some reason)
    * One met in late October 2010
    * Are they regional or national is scope?

    5. Board selection must receive higher command approvals
    * One member stated 3 higher level approvals

    6. Status available on line during process
    * VERY slow to change
    * Often scholarship recipients find out through other means first

    7. Official letter comes from HQ USMC

    8. Scholarship is give to a specific school's ROTC unit
    * Application calls for 5 school choices

    9. Applicant must then pass DOD medical exam

    10. Applicant must be accepted at designated school

    11. Done

    Have I got the process right? Are there other steps I am missing?

    Is the scholarship process completely outside of school's selection process? Neither party works with the other? Seems inefficient.

    Thanks, in advance, for input.
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    Regarding the school selection process; the following is from the NROTC 2011 Scholarship Application Checklist

    "The Naval ROTC Scholarship is awarded to a specific Naval ROTC Unit. The Unit resides at a host school and there may be affiliated schools within the local commuting area. You must select 5 choices for the college or university you want to attend on the NROTC scholarship. One of your first three choices must be a public state college/university where you are able to qualify for and obtain "in-state" tuition. If you cannot obtain “in-state” tuition at any public school with an NRTOC unit, you will be required to explain why. Each of your 5 choices must be for a college/university at 5 different Naval ROTC Units. There are only 70 units, but over 150 different colleges and universities. Many of the units have cross-town colleges or universities in addition to its host school (for a listing of Naval ROTC Units and associated schools, see You may not select a unit more than once; this includes the cross-towns."

    "College choices are used for initial placement at particular NROTC unit only. If you are awarded a scholarship, you may use it at any of the affiliated schools with that NROTC unit."

    "You must still apply to and be accepted for admission at one of the colleges/universities for each NROTC Unit that you indicate on this application. Award of a scholarship to a unit does not guarantee you admission to that college. We strongly suggest that you apply to all five of your listed choices as well as any affiliated schools which you might also like to attend. We will do our best to place you at one of your top 3 choices, but we cannot guarantee such placement. There is also a possibility that we will be unable to place you at any of your listed choices and may contact you at a future date for additional choices. Please let us know how strongly you feel about your choices and the order in which you have placed them"

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