NROTC Marine Option Stats


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Dec 19, 2017
I’ve been reading this forum throughout my entire application process. I finally received the call that I had been selected for a MO NROTC scholarship. One of the main things that I looked for on this forum was what the past winners stats were. I’ll post mine and hopefully any other winners can post theirs as well for future applicants.

1300 SAT
3.5 gpa
Multiple AP/honors classes
National Honor Society

Varsity Track and Field
Varsity soccer
280 PFT

Eagle Scout/Senior Patrol Leader
Track Captain

Interview went very well
Letter of Recommendation from Active Duty Marine Officer
Very active with my local enlisted recruiter, which my XO knew about

Admitted Mj use 2015 but I believe they understood that I had matured since then and it was a one time thing.

I found it really helpful to see what successful applicants looked like. If any other winners want to post their stats I’m sure it would be appreciated.
Congrats to all the other scholarship winners! I revieved the call that I was selected a few days ago. Hope this is helpful to future applicants!!
Also I'm a girl and was told being able to do pull-ups made me stand out a lot.

32 act
3.8 gpa
5 on bc calc and apush, 4 on ap bio

282 pft (6 pull-ups, 91 crunches, 20:50 run)
XC, track 4 years
Run 4 half marathons

Section leader in band and marching band
Xc and track captain
Elementary and middle school tutor
Here are my sons stats for you. He was selected District 4 first Board for 2018 academic year.

1. 4.0 GPA in advanced classes, AP. Etc...
2. All Detroit Catholic League in BB, and Captain
3. 2 time State Champion in Golf, and Captain
4. 3 time All Detroit Catholic League in Golf
5. Honorable Mention All-State Golf
6. National Honor Society , VP
7. Student mentor program leader/founder
8. 100s of service hours
9. 29 ACT (English and math super score 31)
10. 285 PFT
11. Military family

The one thing I am seeing that is consistent is a solid PFT score by all accepted candidates.
I was awarded the scholarship. here are my stats:
Academics: 1540 SAT, 34 ACT, 3.84 unweighted GPA
4 on 2 AP tests, 5 on 4 AP tests

Athletics: 245 PFT score
4 years varsity baseball, 3 years varsity captain
Amazing letter of recommendation from coach

Interview also went very well.

In my opinion, my coach's letter of rec is what secured the scholarship for me.
DS stats. Selected first board. Hope this helps someone else !

1410 SAT (took SAT 5 times, improving each time, the board likes to see someone try, try again)
3.75 GPA unweighted
5 on 2 AP tests
All honors/AP courses 4 years
National Honor Society 2 years
Math Honor Society 2 years

Sports: 249 PFT (after previous score of 225)
4 years XC (captain 1 year)
4 years indoor track (captain 1 year), 3 years outdoor track, 1 year lax
Trained for and participated in 2 triathlons (on his own)
Played summer lax for 2 summers

Eagle Scout at age 13
Boy Scout for 7 years holding various leadership psoitions
Venture Scout for 2 years
Youth Advisory Board member 3 years
Peer tutor
Secretary for Future Business Leaders of America 3 years
Volunteered at summer camp as teen leader for 200+ hours

AP World History student of the year
First place in state conference for Future Business Leaders of America for IT
2 awards for Integrity
Student of the month for social studies

Father and grandfather served in Marine Corps
Selected first board.

3.5 UW
1210 SAT
Math: Precalculus
English: Honors or AP all four years

300 PFT (24 overhand pull-ups, 127 crunches, 16:17 3 mile)
4 years XC (2 captain)
3 years track (1 captain)
Top varsity runner, freshman most improved

Boys State
Debate VP
Young Republicans President
Summer job, work weekends
VP of 501c3
Roughly 300 service hours

For the interview: It went very well. Be comfortable playing mental gymnastics; each of my responses stood firm but relatively dynamic in tone and subject matter.

For the PFT: It’s a game of long-endured mental discomfort. I’m an athletic 135 and 5’6 on a good day. Don’t let the tall, robust Marine archetype intimidate you.

For the EC’s: Commitment is king. Develop a general theme. I think they’d give me a different look if I bounced around with “Sailing Team Captain, “Rubik’s Cube Club VP,” and “Music for Others Co-Founder.”