NROTC-MC Flight?


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Nov 23, 2008
I received a 4 year NROTC scholarship in December, but was recently turned on to flight in the Marine Corps. I read that during college I could earn a guaranteed spot in flight school once certain conditions were met. I am now considering putting my file into the change-of-option board, but am still foggy on the details of this guarantee. Does it also apply to those wishing to pursue NFO? What exactly are the conditions one must meet and by when to earn it? Are there and catches, or any small print that could nail me later on?

Any help would be appreciated! :biggrin:
Suggest calling the Command in Pensacola and getting the facts from the source.
Let me know if you hear anything please.
I have a type 2 NROTC Sholarship-Citadel
AFROTC Chinese Language-Utah
Appointsments to USMA and USMMA, waiting for choices 1 and 2
USNA and USAFA. I want to fly off the boat or a long runway
Already have my Private license.
Good Luck
When my time zone overlaps with Pensacola, I'll definitely give it a shot.
I just wanted to see if anyone here had experience in this situation.
And wow! Quite the stats list you've got there. I wish I had my PPL:wink:
I'll definitely keep everyone informed once I get in contact with Command.