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    Does anyone know if the University of Michigan NROTC MO fills up quickly or not? It is my dream school and I have been accepted there. I expressed my desire to go there in my application. Does my desire and the fact that I've been accepted increase my chances of being assigned there if I'm awarded the scholarship? Does the fact that I'm out of state diminish those chances?

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    UM is a top world university and it attracts some very high quality NROTC applicants. That being said, of you win a scholarship to a different schools there MAY be a chance they let you transfer.
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    Congratulations on UM acceptance. It is very difficult to get into from OOS, and maybe even more difficult IS. My DS also was accepted, but when NROTC-NO scholarship was denied, any dream he had of attending there went away (he thought of asking to have an ROTC scholarship transferred but when he received an academy appointment, the thought went away).

    As an alum, I can give some perspective. UM has a long history with Navy and ROTC. It has large detachments for all branches. It's Engineering program is highly ranked in all engineering majors. During WWII, UM research resulted in the Navy approving the Liberty Ship hull design with confidence of seaworthiness in record time. UM still maintains only one of two state of the art hydrodynamics lab in the nation. It is only one of three universities with a Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Program (USCGA being one of the other two). As you might guess, NROTC is highly sought after at UM.

    Just because someone is awarded an ROTC scholarship to UM, that does not mean that they will be using it due to the selective nature of the admission process. For example, COE is looking for SAT scores above 700 for English and Math, and this year UM is expecting to have 25,000 applicants for only 6000 freshman slots. So statistically, some scholarship winners won't gain admission and a scholarship could be available. So as ZackL said, hopefully you can win a scholarship and get it transferred.

    It can't hurt to contact the battallion and make a visit. If you impress them you never know how that could work in your favor should they have a scholarship available.

    Let's Go Blue! :thumb:

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