NROTC PRT Question?

Jan 9, 2021
I am going to start my application process soon and I had a quick question. Overall, how important is this to your application. I looked at the scoring sheet and I am a little confused if it is a pass/fail type of thing or not?
NROTC Application Deadline was December 31, 2020. Are you talking about 2021-2022 calendar year if so, it typically opens around April 1. The fitness test is an important part of the application. It is WAY more important for the NROTC-MO than regular NROTC. Spend some time researching the forum - there are many discussions about the fitness test. Good luck.
Thank you. And yes I am in my junior year so I am talking about the 2021-2022 year. I am going for the navy option not the marine option so I don’t know if that makes a difference.
Start working on it now and you should have no problem doing well on it. It's a mix between pass fail and graded. If you score too low you will fail and not be considered for a scholarship. However you want to do the best you can as a better score increases the overall strength of your application. No one can tell you exactly where the cut off is so just do the best you can.