1. T

    Dodmerb Qualified, what's next?

    Hi all! Just trying to get some insights from those who Qualified from Dodmerb, DS checked his Dodmerb account this week and saw that his status changed to "qualified" for NROTC. What happens next? There is an attachment letter in Dodmerb stating he is qualified, is that it? Are we getting...
  2. S

    Enlisted After NROTC?

    This is really just a food for thought kind of question me and some of my buddies had. Could a NROTC Mid decline a commission if they didn't get the assignment they wanted? Has anybody ever done something similar? (like they really wanted to avoid subs for example lol). The consensus we had was...
  3. ChickenNuggets

    Different Commissioning Sources for Aviation

    I was just now viewing the webpage of the NROTC unit at Kennesaw State University. On their NROTC page it says quote; "OCS, NROTC, and USNA all commission 1000 officers per year. Each commissioning source has the same number of billets for all communities. You have an equal chance of gaining...
  4. 4

    Texas A&M 2024-25 Fish

    Afternoon y'all, I am going to Texas A&M on a 4 year Marine ROTC Scholarship. My first choice in terms of outfit is C2. How should I prepare physically and mentally for this upcoming challenge. (For background, I have attended a military boarding school for my entire high school career so I may...
  5. S

    NROTC Commanding Officer Interview

    Hello! I submitted my NROTC application about 2 weeks ago and was just notified by my coordinator that her commanding chief has selected my application and would like to meet and conduct my officer interview. Does anyone know what this means? I've read in this forum somewhere that it could be an...
  6. H

    NROTC Warfare Community questions (Essay)

    Hello all, I was working on my NROTC essays and came across a question asking what warfarin community I want to join and why. Does this question (pasted at the bottom of this post) have any bearing on selection? Do they try to balance community numbers? Do I have to join that community? The...
  7. H

    The best college for NROTC programs who are aspiring to be SEAL officers.

    I'm considering to apply for a college that provides an NROTC program. Aside from USNA, Which college prepares competitive applicants for SEAL officers? Does a certain school provide better training than others and make a candidate more competitive? Or will it just be evaluated on the individual...
  8. C

    NROTC Summer Ideas

    Does anyone have ideas for additional professional advancement opportunities during the summer? Summer training is only a month, and I would like to take advantage of the rest of the summer.
  9. P

    Dual Citizenship – NROTC vs USNA (Oct ‘23)

    Here is information that may be useful to people to whom this information applies, as well as questions at the end for those who may be able to help provide further clarification (perhaps someone such as the Commanding Officer(s) of one or more NROTC units). I have tried to read every thread on...
  10. S

    Nuclear Reactor Engineer: NROTC, NUPOC, or Both?

    Hello. Great site, lots of good info. I don't think the below has been asked, given my (poor?) usage of the 'Search' function. If so, feel free to point me to an existing thread. My high school senior daughter is an inspiring nuclear engineer and military officer, in that order. Until...
  11. V

    NROTC without commissioning

    Hello everyone. I am new here. I am a senior in high school applying to VMI. I am interested in NROTC, but VMI webpage says that cadets who do not plan to commission will be enrolled in army ROTC. I want to do NROTC. I contacted VMI NROTC and they replied: "Unfortunately we do not have the...
  12. K

    CORTRAMID Marine Week Experience

    This summer as a second year NROTC Midshipman I got to go to CORTRAMID East which was an incredible exposure experience. I really had a great time until I got to Marine week. Since I’m a Navy option I didn’t have much interest in the Marines to begin with so my bar was pretty low, but once I got...
  13. O

    I wasn't instructed about repayment waiver

    Hello everyone, during the past semester, I experienced disenrollment and had to confront several issues that ultimately contributed to my poor performance. Consequently, I now find myself indebted to the Navy for the money granted through my scholarship. However, during the disenrollment...
  14. S

    College Applicant Questions !

    Good evening SA Forums, I have a few questions that need answers and just observations and advice of what to do! I put them in bullet points so that they are easier to answer. If you do not know, I am considering applying to USNA in college. I am high school senior who is nowhere near a...
  15. S

    Few NROTC questions

    I am a Prospective C/O '28 applying for Marine Option. Few questions I have: The application booklet suggests I need to be meeting regularly with a recruiter, when is the best time to start this process if I have not formally met with one yet (just by cold call)? Should I be meeting with a local...
  16. S


    Hello SA forums, just wanted to get some informed opinions on some things and my current situation. I would like to attend the Naval Academy, but I am nowhere near a competitive applicant. The next best thing is NROTC. In the area I live in, there is only one school (School A) that has NROTC...
  17. S

    Embry Riddle NROTC vs USAFAPS

    I’m stuck between NROTC at ER and USAFAPS. I have two older siblings, one graduated from USNA and flying jets, another currently at USNA ‘24. My father also served 23 years Navy so it's a big influence. Does anyone have any advice or pros and cons about either one? Statistics? Academics...
  18. T

    Participation When Awaiting Waiver Approval - NROTC

    Hi, I’ve been on the forums for a while now and have read some things here and there about DODMERB and the overall Waiver process. Despite the fact that I am currently an alternate candidate awaiting a decision; I will still attempt to participate as a CP or eventually apply for OCS. So, the...
  19. J

    Sideload GPA window

    Quick question regarding sideload scholarship selection. I did poorly on the NROTC MO interview and ended up not receiving a scholarship, however I'll be majoring in aerospace engineering next year as a college programmer. To my understanding, GPA is a huge factor in determining sideload...
  20. K

    Stipend Question

    Is the monthly NROTC Schooarship stipend considered taxable?