1. Grantsville MD dd Dad

    Unrestricted Line (Intelligence)

    Re: NROTC - I understand there are a handful of Intelligence slots available in the Unrestricted Line category. What is the MIDN process to make yourself eligible/known/selected for one of those slots?
  2. F

    Are there any previous NROTC midshipmen who are now doctors in the fleet currently active in this forum?

    Good evening all, I am wondering if there are currently any active fleet members who are doctors that participated in NROTC in this forum. I know it is a really rare chance but I thought it deserved a shot! I would like to ask some questions! Additionally, before anyone states anything - I know...
  3. C

    Reserve Enlistment and NROTC at the same time

    I am currently sitting on alternate status for the 4-Year NROTC scholarship. I know I just need to wait but especially based on what I've seen about other applicants I'm unsure about my chances so I'm exploring other options. One such option I've heard about would be enlisting in the Naval...
  4. A

    Nrotc - College Program and scholarship program

    Hi there, I’m currently a high school senior and have recently just decided that I wanted to go into the nrotc via the nurse option. I want to apply for the national scholarship but I don’t think I have the required stats for it: - Act (17 math & 24 reading = 41 combined) I study really hard...
  5. S

    ROTC Application

    Currently in the process of looking into schools and their NROTC programs. I've got a (hopefully) simple question here that may sound silly, but I wish to make sure that I don't get trapped in anything if that makes sense. Can I apply to a school's ROTC program even if I haven't enrolled in the...
  6. K

    Graduate School Directly After College/NROTC

    I am interested in attending graduate school (with interests in pursuing either a MPP, MPA, or MGA) right after I complete my undergraduate studies and receive my commission from NROTC. I want to know what are the possibilities of the Navy allowing me to do this, and what the commonality of...
  7. N

    Chances of getting a waiver

    Hello, I just heard back from DoDMERB that I have disqualifying components to my physical. I had arthroscopic knee surgery this past June and they were able to fix the problem. I have returned to full activity and completed NSI in July. I was wondering what my chances of getting a waiver are...
  8. N

    History of ankolosyng spondolytis

    Nrotc DoDMERB waiver denied for history of AS. Just completed New Student Indoc at Great Lakes with no issues. High marks on PRT. Two sport varsity athlete. No issues during Navy physical exam. No physical limitations or pain or injury. DQ based solely on self reported history from clinical...
  9. B

    NSO Initial Travel Reimbursement?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the NROTC unit reimburses the initial cost of travel to the unit for NSO. I remember seeing an old thread saying that both AROTC and AFROTC reimburse that cost but nothing for the Navy.
  10. O

    Help: NROTC ISR offer … if accepted USNA not option?

    My daughter just received a call from NROTC “application coordinator” / recruiter. , basically offering an ISR scholarship based on her test scores and transcript . The recruiter told her if she agrees to accept the ISR , then USNA is off the table … Is there any truth to this ? She perceived...
  11. V

    Cortramid Pay

    How much does Cortramid pay, rough estimate. Thank you in advanced for your time.
  12. C

    NSI Medical

    I have recently received the MO scholarship and have been trying to gather all of my medical paperwork together for NSI. The one thing I am struggling with is my sickle cell trait test. The hospital where I was born did not test me for it, and the places I have asked to test me for it say it...
  13. Military Bound

    Enlisted and NROTC Midshipman Relationship

    Currently in a difficult situation, and I am taking it to this trusted and reliable community. I am a 4/C MIDN in NROTC ( Navy option currently on prep year, so next I'll be a 4/C again according to the Navy), and I'm talking to this one girl who is an E-3. I have been taking it cautiously at...
  14. Meowspike13

    Life Hits Hard (Rant/Situation Update)

    Hello to all, I received a letter in the mail from Great Lakes stating that my waiver for mild red/green color deficiency was denied. Because of this, I do not qualify for my NROTC Scholarship Navy-option (as to go for an URL officer slot since that is the main purpose for NROTC). It's hard to...
  15. A

    Double Whammy

    I found out today I was turned down for both an appointment at USNA and a NROTC scholarship. My endgoal still remains to commission into the Navy, but I also don’t want to break the bank. I plan on entering NROTC next year as a college programmer. However, does anyone know if there would be any...
  16. D

    How To Go About Collecting Paperwork for NROTC-MO Scholarship?

    Hi everybody, I'm a high school junior who started his USNA and NROTC-MO Scholarship applications on April 1st. Pertaining to the NROTC-MO scholarship, I was wondering how to go about filling out the additional paperwork required besides the primary NETFOCUS part of the application, such as the...
  17. GWU PNS


    For our NROTC nation of potential selectees (and parents), Please see the attached pdf file for the latest and greatest information for the NROTC application process. The season has just started. In the interest of getting a bit of a jump on the various questions that will inevitably arise...
  18. K

    NROTC Chances

    Hey everyone. I'm currently a junior in HS and I plan on applying for the NROTC scholarship. I wanted to see what some people who have gone through this process before think are my chances. Since I an not interested in the majors designated as such, I do not plan on going for either a Tier I or...
  19. I

    New DoDMERB required?

    Good afternoon everyone, I am a college reapplicant for '27 currently on an NROTC scholarship. I am medically waived and in good standing for ROTC, no new injuries or conditions. Does anyone know if I will need a completely new exam for USNA, or if I will just have to update? I fear the process...
  20. Meowspike13

    NROTC Choices

    Hello to all. I hope you guys are doing well. Currently, I am very fortunate and blessed to have options with my NROTC scholarship. I have the NROTC 4 Year Scholarship (only tuition) and an acceptance to the NROTC Preparatory Program at SDSU. Furthermore, I am on a waitlist for UCLA to...