1. Meowspike13

    NROTC Officer Interview Advice

    Good evening y'all, I hope that everyone is doing well. I have a NROTC Officer Interview tomorrow that will be held over Zoom while I am at school. To prepare for this interview, I have a long white sleeve shirt with tie and casual/formal pants ready for the interview. I have also sent some...
  2. 252swede

    NROTC Repayment of Tuition and Fees with Drop On Request before obligation period

    My son just received his PRB report with a board recommendation of leave of absence pending disenrollment with the recoupment of freshmen year tuition and fees. He submitted a DOR several weeks before the start of his sophomore year. His advisor says, "Most likely, you will not be required to...
  3. V

    NROTC Scholarship Activation

    Question, in order to activate the 4 year national scholarship, do I have to pass my inventory PRT at the beginning of the year?
  4. S

    Withdrawing NROTC App

    Hey y'all, made a new account just to ask this. I recently decided to withdraw my nrotc application as I want to pursue other commissioning sources. After talking with my local recruiter, who said he would withdraw my app on his end, he also told me to withdraw the application on my end. After...
  5. M

    Peanut Allergy Issue- NROTC

    Hello, I have a mild peanut allergy and DODMERB gave me a medical DQ because of it. When I was being considered for a waiver to USNA, they requested additional information consisting of a remedial exam. This remedial exam requested me to consult an allergist and obtain a skin test as well as an...
  6. E

    When are Sideload/Adv. Standing Decisions Announced?

    Does anyone have insight as to when the boards announce their decisions? It’s getting very close to the start of the school year and it doesn’t sound like anyone has heard yet.
  7. W


    I understand that if a scholarship midshipman drops the NROTC program after their sophomore year they either have to pay back tuition or go on active military service in enlisted status upon graduation. I’m wondering: with the latter option, will the student get to choose the enlisted career...
  8. V


    On the packing list it’s says QTY 2. Do they mean just 2 or 2 packs.
  9. N

    NROTC NSI 3 weeks now?

    Hello, Does anyone know if NSI is now 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks? The NROTC Facebook page is posting updates on Cycle 1 and they wrote “NSI is a three week indoctrination program..” . Just wondering if the program shortened to 3 weeks. Has there been a change?
  10. V

    Calculus NROTC

    I have a question, I’ve recently taken my math placement test and did terrible on it. Luckily, I am able to take it 2 more times before this upcoming Friday. Is calculus hard and when do I have to complete the requirement by (End of college or end of Sophomore year). I’ve also received a 4 year...
  11. V

    Eye sight NROTC

    I have a question, so recently I was told that I have been DQ’d only because my eye sight is not correctable to 20/20. I have been to my eye doctor a few months before, and they have said that my eye sight is correctable to 20/20 ( I wear glasses). Now it says that my medical status is Under...
  12. J


    Hello all, I'm currently preparing to attend NSI and do NROTC at Boston College, but was also awarded an AFROTC foreign language major Type 2 scholarship, so ~60k a year for three years with a tuition of ~200k. Obviously, the Navy makes more sense financially (full tuition all 4 years), and I...
  13. USAMom2021

    Rensselaer Polytechnic NROTC Roommate Search

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. V


    So I’m completing my DODMERB paperwork and I put down I had ADD back in 2012. I took meds for 1 year and that’s it because the doctors saw that I didn’t need it. Since then I haven’t taken any meds nor do I have any health conditions, so my question is will I be automatically disqualified? -I’m...
  15. FØB Zero

    SA vs ROTC

    Trying to make a decision, but really lost bc I love both paths.... especially since they both end up same place. Please comment all pros and cons for both that you think of with a little bit of detail. Thanks!
  16. T

    STP at VMI

    Does anyone have experience attending the summer transitional program ( STP) at VMI I want to attend , but the cost will be approximately 5K for one class because of out of state tuition.
  17. T

    Navy ROTC NSI

    I reached out to my DS's NROTC yesterday to inquire about NSI He said that class sizes are smaller this year and therefore will not be offered to mids that will be attending a SMC He will be attending VMI, so he is bummed. That does open up the door for him to take a class there this summer...
  18. HowBoutThemApples

    Won NROTC 4 year... need advice

    Hey everyone, pumped to say that I just won the NROTC national scholarship, but there's a little uncertainty with my situation. I got accepted into University of Rochester and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, but waitlisted at my dream school, University of Virginia. Can I use the NROTC...
  19. U

    2021 NROTC 2nd Class Cruise

    Has anyone heard if rising 2nd class will be doing a fleet cruise in addition to Sea Trials this summer? As of now I have only heard about Sea Trials from my unit and was really looking forward to experiencing the fleet for the first time.
  20. amc

    NROTC NSI 2021

    I know that the 2020 NSI was cancelled. Does anyone know if there will be one for this upcoming summer? I received the 4-year scholarship, and I have not received word on whether there will be NSI this summer. Thank you