NROTC reapplicant question - officer interview/transcripts


Oct 8, 2015
My DD is currently a freshman and is participating in the schools NROTC program as a non scholarship winner. She applied last year as a senior in high school and was turned down after the final board meeting. Her local Navy recruiter is telling her get all package done ASAP so it can be presented to the National board. The only outstanding items remaining for the submittal package are the officer interview and the transcripts. Here are the questions. According to Navy recruiter, the package just needs the classes she is taking currently and not the final grades for the fall semester. The Navy Lt in charge of her Freshman class is saying the application will not be reviewed until the fall grades are in. The Navy Lt does want to conduct any interviews until the grades are in. The Navy recruiter has another officer who my DD doesn't know that would conduct a phone interview immediately. Obviously the Navy Lt on campus knows my DD much better and would be a stronger interviewer. Any advice on what DD should do? Thanks !
Her recruiter is misinformed. Some changes were put into place this year regarding college freshman applicants. Listen to the LT at the unit.